Auto Glass Services

Advantage Collision Inc in Saskatoon also provides auto glass repairs.


Windshield Replacement

Our auto body experts in Saskatoon and Prince Albert will replace your windshield after an accident, weather damage, or other type of force that has cracked or shattered your windshield. We can replace the glass for any car, truck, or SUV with the highest quality auto glass that is available. Windshield replacement can usually be completed in one day with your car being ready the next day.


Chip Repairs

If your windshield has a chip but no cracks, our auto glass experts may be able to repair the chip without replacing the windshield. Generally if the chip is smaller than one inch in diameter, we can fix it. Other factors to consider include the depth and age of the windshield.


Insurance Glass Replacement

Advantage Collision works with all auto glass replacements covered under SGI and all other insurance carriers. SGI Windshield eClaim and all other insurance companies offer a road hazard glass coverage policy, which covers glass that get broken due to a road hazard (animal hitting windshield, falling rocks, tree branches, other debris), and we work with those claims as well.