Collision Repair Services

Insurance companies have an ever increasing list of requirements in order for auto body shops to qualify for accreditation and for good reason. The always increasing complexity of car design and technology makes these requirements absolutely necessary in order to repair vehicles. Auto body shops need to restore the structural integrity and the operation of the electronic and software based technology used in not only the operation of the car but in the operation of the integrated safety systems that protect you and your family in the event of an accident. 

This is so important to us at Advantage Collision because we are a family business that considers our teams family. Not only that but we want to serve you like you are family. We want to make sure that you are protected in case there is another accident after we’ve repaired your car. It’s the problem with auto body repair, you only really know how good the car was repaired after the next accident. But then it may be too late. Don’t worry Advantage Collision has you covered!


Auto Body Repair

Our auto body specialists will make any repair to your car’s exterior; large or small. This includes scratches and cracks in the hood, trunk, hatch, doors, or roof, windshield and window replacement, frame straightening, wheel repairs, side mirrors, door handles, and any other part of the car’s body.



If your vehicle has suffered paint damage from a collision, weather damage, or age, we offer refinishing to restore the color and shine to your vehicle.


Spray Booth

Advantage Collision Inc also has 2 spray booths, where we restore, repair, or redo any paint job. We have precise digital paint matching technology and our advanced techniques ensure an even coat in a short amount of time.


Frame Machine

Advantage Collision Inc has a frame machine in house that performs accurate frame straightening and other repairs to any vehicle.


Suspension Repair

We also provide suspension repair and replacement. So if you slid into a curb or got hit on the wheel we can fix that too.