Advantage Collision For All Your Auto Body Repair Needs In Saskatoon


We may not be in full on winter driving season yet but its coming and we need to get into winter driving mode. As anyone who’s lived through Saskatchewan winters knows, winter driving can be pretty treacherous at times. We’ve all driven on icy snowy roads and we cope quite well on them. The problem is that we tend to forget just how quickly we can get into trouble on snow and ice and we end up in the ditch or in an accident. Two of the best precautions we can take are installing winter tires and slowing our traveling speed. Even with the right tires and slower speeds your car will react differently to the mix of road surfaces found in winter. To help you with the mix of icy and dry road conditions your car may have features like ABS brakes, traction control, electronic stability control or some other features that are meant to help you avoid an accident. Knowing the systems in your car and how they work to help you can make these features work even better for you. Regardless of the precautions we can take accidents still happen and we can help. So whether you hit the ditch, slide into a curb or have an accident, Advantage Collision is here help you with your all of your auto body needs in Saskatoon and area. Please drive safely.

Have a look at this video showing how three features can help to avoid winter accidents.

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