Had an accident?

Accidents happen! Don’t panic. Take a deep breath and CLICK HERE FOR THE SGI INFO

If you’ve been in a car accident, the first step of filing a hassle-free claim happens at the scene of the accident. Once the area is secure and everyone is safe, get the name, driver’s licence and plate number of the other driver. It’s also very important to get the names and addresses of any witnesses. This may be crucial in determining who was “at fault” or responsible in the collision.

As soon as possible, file your claim online CLICK HERE TO FILE YOUR SGI CLAIM ONLINE. If you prefer to file your claim by speaking to someone at SGI you can call Dial-A-Claim at 1-844-855-2744 during the day or 1-800-647-6448 after hours.

Keep in mind that in many cases one of Advantage Collision’s auto body shops in Saskatoon or Prince Albert can do your SGI estimate for you thereby avoiding having to go to SGI to get your estimate written. We can get you in when it works best for you and we will try to make it as convenient as possible for you. Our customer service team will go over the damages with you and explain exactly what repairs are required. We will also order parts and arrange an appointment to start the repairs.