Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), is a method of repairing dents in a car’s body panels by reshaping the panel. This means there is no need to beat, heat, shrink, fill or paint over the damage. During PDR, specialized tools are used to press and massage the damaged panel from behind. As a result, the dented metal is pushed out, to restore its original shape. This repairs the body panels, while maintaining the manufacturer’s original painted finish.

PDR is a popular alternative to conventional auto body repair methods, as it can be cheaper and quicker. As the repairs do not require painting and curing, the whole process is usually completed in far less time. 

Need Paintless Dent Repair? Advantage Collision has you covered!


Hail Dents

When you see hail coming down outside and you know you’re car is outside and there’s nothing you can do, it’s very frustrating. Even the smallest sized hail can cause unsightly and costly damage. Advantage Collision Inc. will repair any number and size hail dents on your hood, car roof, doors, windshield, and windows.

If needed, we will repaint the areas or replace sections of the car body to restore a smooth, like-new surface. Many dents can be repaired with paintless dent removal.


Cosmetic Dents

It’s easier than you think to obtain dents on your vehicle. These can result from small rocks hitting your car, branches making contact with your car while parked, or door dings from other cars in a busy parking lot. Whatever the cause, our paintless dent repair experts here at Advantage Collision Inc remove cosmetic dents, whether you have one or several, usually with paintless dent removal.

We can pull out small dents without taking sections of the body apart or damaging the vehicle. Our experts will take your car from bumpy to smooth no matter what caused the dents.

Give your car the TLC it deserves by bringing it in to Advantage Collision Inc in Saskatoon. Our experienced dent repair specialists ensure your car is in good hands.